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My Goal: A Paperless Office

Most of the time I work and study at home and at the moment I have eleven folders with papers and letters and two boxes with stuff. It makes me feel bad to look at them because when I have to move, this will make it difficult again. I hate moving because I never have money to arrange a car or a house moving company to transport it.

Bad memories


Last year I sent some stuff in big packages to my new flat [I had to transport them by foot to the post office -.-] and filled a suitcase, a backpack and one or two bags with my stuff and went by train and bus multiple times. It was horrible. I hated it. It was the coldest winter and the suitcase got stuck in the snow, it was slippery, cold and I was slow and my back ached… It was uncomfortable to travel because lots of trains make it difficult to carry heavy stuff into them and of course I didn’t want to make anyone wait.

Just horrible memories.

Goal: The Paperless Office


I made it my goal to have only one folder with certificates and receipts (I can’t throw them away, I need them as originals for University and taxes, etc.) and scan or throw away the rest within the next three months when I am going to move again. When I have the money later that year I want to buy one scanner which also prints, so I have one less machine at my desk. This is what it looks like at the moment:


Picture shows shelves with folders and office equipment | Anna Young Paperless Office

My goal: Making this a paperless office


If you have also made that kind of changes in your office or at home I’d be glad to read some tips in the comments or you can send me a personal message here: Anna [at] AnnaYoung.me


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Edited: I forgot to mention, that I cannot scan my music books with sheet music but my goal remains the same: To have as little as physical stuff in my flat as necessary by the end of September 2017. I think this is going to be a beautiful journey to my goal of personal minimalism.

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